DinaMC: The Tyranny of Choice

Ah yes, "two roads, diverged in a yellow wood". Mr. Frost let us all know that our choices will make our lives. Choose carefully. Choose the unlikely, he advised. Nonetheless, choose or be stopped. And therein lies what I've observed is one of the most challenging aspects of modern American life, as seen from my … Continue reading DinaMC: The Tyranny of Choice


Me & Bruce & a Bunch of Other Folks: Depression in a Modern Context

I've been hearing a lot about Bruce Springsteen these days. First read a blurb in the newspaper about his recently released autobiography. Then caught portions of an interview with Terry Gross on public radio's Fresh Air. Also caught two more references in the ether, but don't remember them in detail. Bruce has never been one … Continue reading Me & Bruce & a Bunch of Other Folks: Depression in a Modern Context

So, what is it that you DO?

Cocktail party, new neighbor introduction, general conversation, updates to friends and family... the question always surfaces: "What do you do?*" Here's what I "do". I work for Earth's Birthday Project, a small non-profit organization that provides environmental education curriculum and materials for children. The tongue-in-cheek answer is: I sell butterflies. (Okay, and other live insects … Continue reading So, what is it that you DO?

A new home. And a new home.

Hey, all! This here's my new address for musings, pictures, and general announcements. Closing down Hare & There Studio. Not that knitting and spinning and making stuff will stop. Goodness, no. Just moving all that into hobby status. Or should that be "non-stop-semi-obsessive-creative-endeavors-from-which-I-will-no-longer-require-an-income" status? Six of one, half dozen of the other. (It's taken me … Continue reading A new home. And a new home.

Dogs. Marriages. Every one’s a heartbreaker.

I have a dog. He's a big, red, long-haired Australian Shepherd. Very handsome. Very imposing bark. He's also a great big chicken. It's funny how you never know, when picking out a puppy, just what you're going to get. I've had some amazing dogs. I've also had some annoying, obstinate, excessively barky and neurotic dogs. … Continue reading Dogs. Marriages. Every one’s a heartbreaker.

Home again. 

When I travel, I notice the same phenomenon repeats itself. On the way: excitement, looking around, paying attention, unraveling my thoughts and cares from everyday life. Returning: tired, empty of thought processes, closed in on myself, barely aware of my surroundings. On the trip home, I tend to stare out the window. I don't much … Continue reading Home again.