A new home. And a new home.

Hey, all! This here's my new address for musings, pictures, and general announcements. Closing down Hare & There Studio. Not that knitting and spinning and making stuff will stop. Goodness, no. Just moving all that into hobby status. Or should that be "non-stop-semi-obsessive-creative-endeavors-from-which-I-will-no-longer-require-an-income" status? Six of one, half dozen of the other. (It's taken me … Continue reading A new home. And a new home.


Dogs. Marriages. Every one’s a heartbreaker.

I have a dog. He's a big, red, long-haired Australian Shepherd. Very handsome. Very imposing bark. He's also a great big chicken. It's funny how you never know, when picking out a puppy, just what you're going to get. I've had some amazing dogs. I've also had some annoying, obstinate, excessively barky and neurotic dogs. … Continue reading Dogs. Marriages. Every one’s a heartbreaker.

Home again. 

When I travel, I notice the same phenomenon repeats itself. On the way: excitement, looking around, paying attention, unraveling my thoughts and cares from everyday life. Returning: tired, empty of thought processes, closed in on myself, barely aware of my surroundings. On the trip home, I tend to stare out the window. I don't much … Continue reading Home again.