Sunday on Barra

Quick notes for today, everyone. Not even remotely reread for typos. I I'm tired! The wind is howling outside and the clouds have been hugging the hills around Castlebay for most of the afternoon and evening. See that poor soul in the photo? He's the only person outside in the whole town. Everyone else is … Continue reading Sunday on Barra


The Twilight Zone

Note: in the interest of time, I'm not editing much. Please feel free to auto-edit as you read. It's 5:26 am and I feel better than anyone has a right to feel at such an ungodly hour. It might be due to the fact that I've slept a full night once again. Hooray! Though I … Continue reading The Twilight Zone


That's me then. I'm off. Cheers. You got that, right? It was British English for "Okay, everyone. I'm getting ready to head out on my trip. Be well and have a good summer. I'll see you later." Yes, by Friday, I'll be in the land of extra letters (as in colour and favour). My favorite … Continue reading Cheers.