Best Laid Plans

I was going to catch up on writing Yorkshire while I was in the Highlands. Then I was going to catch up on writing Yorkshire and the Highlands while in New Hampshire. Then I figured, "Hell, might as well wait until I get home. Then I'll have time and a comfy spot from which to … Continue reading Best Laid Plans


Lovely Myton-on-Swale

So what about this place I was housesitting? What was it like? What did I see? Did I meet any residents? Was it dramatic? Boring? Romantic? Unremarkable? Let me tell you about Myton-on-Swale. First, you get to Myton-on-Swale by leaving the highway and turning onto ever smaller roads until finally you’re on a single track … Continue reading Lovely Myton-on-Swale

Island to Island, Part 8

Saturday morning arrived gray and drizzly. It was one of those you'll-have-your-rain-jacket-on-more-than-off kinda days. We had a leisurely breakfast of fruit and yogurt and danish and eggs (thoughtfully procured by me, thank you very much!) and coffee just as strong as we liked. With double cream. Then, we loaded up and ventured out into the … Continue reading Island to Island, Part 8